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Workshop on Quasi-periodic Dynamics and Schrödinger operators


This meeting mainly aims to gather experts from the quasiperiodic dynamical systems and quasiperiodic/random Schrodinger operators. This community has built strong and useful links, melting ideas and methods in order to prove new results in this field. The purpose of the proposed workshop is to facilitate dissemination of recent results and discussions on current and future research directions, among the experts in spectral theory and dynamical systems .

Subjects include, but are not limited to:
Schrödinger cocycle and Schrödinger operators
Quasi-periodic dynamical systems
Topological dynamical systems
Finite and infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems

Scientific committee:
Artur Avila
Raphael Krikorian
Jiangong You

Organization committee:
Rapheal Krikorian
Yiqian Wang
Jiansheng Geng
Qi Zhou

conference date: 2018.9.3-2018.9.7