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International conference on Hopf algebras

(The first announcement)

—Objective The conference focuses on the newest development of Hopf algebras and their interactions with other fields.


—Date and Place

Date: September 9-13, 2019

Place: International Conference Center,

Nanjing University Xianlin Campus, Nanjing, China



N. Andruskiewitsch, G. Liu, S. Montgomery, Y. Zhang


Invited Speakers

Nicolás Andruskiewitch (Argentina)

Iván Angiono (Argentina)

Gabriella Bohm  (Hungray)

Stef Caenepeel (Belgium)

Michael Cuntz (Germany)

Jürgen Fuchs (Sweden)

Jiwei He (China)

Naihong Hu (China)

Hualin Huang (China)

Yevgenia Kashina (USA)

Simon Lentner (Germany)

Susan Montgomery (USA)

Sonia Natale (Argentina)

Dmtri Nikshych (USA)

Julia Pevtsova (USA)

Christoph Schweigert (Germany)

Kenichi Shimizu (Japan)

Blas Torrecillas (Spain)

Cristian Vay (Argentina) 

Joost Vercruysse (Belgium)

Quanshui Wu (China)

Milen Yakimov (USA)

James Zhang (USA)



Registration Fee:

RMB ¥ 700 (approximately US $ 105) for each teacher.

RMB ¥ 300 (approximately US $ 45) for each student.

Free for the invited speakers.

Registration Period:

Before August 15, 2019.

Please send email with your meeting receipt (in the attachment) to the contact person:

Yinhuo Zhang: (for the international participants)

Tao Yang: (for the Chinese local participants)



  All participants will be arranged to stay at the International Conference Center. The accommodation fee is about RMB ¥ 380 (approximately US $ 60) per night, and free for invited speakers.


—Local Contact

Gongxiang Liu:

Zhihua Wang:

Tao Yang:

Kun Zhou:



  There are two choices from Nanjing Lukou International Airport to Nanjing University Xianlin Campus.

1. Taxi. The fare is about RMB ¥ 240 (approximately US $ 36). Please show the following Chinese to the taxi driver:


2. Subway. The fare is about RMB ¥ 11 (approximately US $ 2).

Here is the map of the address: .


Download:Meeting receipt