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题目: Global regularity v.s. finite time blowup for compressible Euler equations

报告人: Ronghua PAN, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

时间: 2017年7月7日(星期五)上午10:30—11:30

地点: 蒙民伟楼1105室

摘要: As one of the oldest nonlinear PDE systems, the compressible Euler equations have been studied by many outstanding mathematicians. However, some basic questions, such as the global existence of classical solution v.s. finite time blowup, are still open even in one space dimension. In this lecture, we will report our recent progress in this direction, including a complete understanding on isentropic flows, and a refreshed understanding on general adiabatic flows. This lecture is based on joint works with H. Cai, G. Chen, S. Zhu, and Y. Zhu.

邀请人:栗付才 教授