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题目:Modular data for Drinfel’d centers of fusion categories

报告人:Dr. Henry Tucker

(Department of Mathematics, University of Southern California, USA)

摘要:Modular categories are spherical fusion categories with a non-degenerate braiding. Such categories appear in a diverse range of scientific research: important results in representation theory, topology, theoretical computer science, and quantum physics have been achieved utilizing new developments in the mathematics of links and braids that underlies the theory of modular categories. The braiding and spherical structure for these categories can be used together to give two important invariants, the S and T matrices; this is the modular data associated to a given modular category. In this talk we will discuss the modular data of Drinfel’d centers, which is the canonical modular category associated to a given fusion category. In particular, we will present some recent results which suggest that the modular data for Drinfel’d centers of so-called quadratic categories appear as (generalized) Weil representations.

时间:2017年7月27日(周四)下午   16:00-17:00


邀请人:刘公祥 教授