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Title: Global regularity and time decay for the 2D MHD equations with fractional dissipation and partial magnetic diffusion


Speaker: Dong Boqing, Anhui University


Abstract:  In this talk, we will investigate  a system of the 2D magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations with the kinematic dissipation given by the fractional operator $(-\Delta)^\alpha$ and the magnetic diffusion by partial Laplacian. We will show that this system with any $\alpha>0$ always possesses a unique global smooth solution when the initial data is sufficiently smooth. In addition, we make a detailed study on the large-time behavior of these smooth solutions and obtain optimal large-time decay rates. 


Time: 16:30-17:20, Friday, 28th July,2017


Place: Room 1105, Mengminwei Building


邀请人:孙永忠 教授