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题目Biased Random Walks on Groups and Graphs


报告人向开南 教授  (南开大学)


时间: 8月3日  上午10:30-11:20




摘要: We revisit a class of biased random walks on infinite groups and graphs, and study some interesting topics towards a theory for these random walks. On one hand, we obtain some novel results on spectral radius, escape speed and heat kernel of biased random walks, and on free spanning forest and wired spanning forest related to these random walks. On the other hand, we propose many interesting questions and conjectures for this class of biased random walks. The talk is based on a joint work with Shi Zhan (施展, Paris VI University), Sidoravicius Vladas (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sceinces NYU, and NYU-Shanghai), Song He (宋贺, 南开大学) and Wang Longmin (王龙敏, 南开大学).