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题目: Simple choreographies in the planar Newtonian N-body problem with equal masses

报告人: 余国巍 (巴黎九大/巴黎天文台)

摘要: For the N-body problem with equal masses, there exists a special type of periodic solutions called simple choreographies, where all the masses travel on a single loop. Well known examples including the rotating N-gon, the Figure-Eight solution of three body and the Super-Eight solution of four body. Many simple choreographies with different shapes have been found numerically. However for most of them, rigorous proofs are still unavailable. In this talk, we give a variational proof of a special family of simple choreographies called "linear chain", which looks like a sequence of consecutive bubbles along a given line.

时间: 2017年8月25日(周五)下午 16:10-17:10

地点: 蒙民伟楼1105报告厅

邀请人: 程伟 教授