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题目: Stable soliton resolution for exterior wave map in 3d


报告人: 刘保平(北京大学BICMR)


摘要: Dissipation of energy by dispersion is the key mechanism of relaxation to a static equilibrium in infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems on unbounded domains. In mathematical language, this is described as the soliton resolution conjecture. Despite its great importance, the rigorous study is still at a very early stage.

In this talk we consider the equivariant wave map exterior to a ball in R^3 and takes values in 3-sphere. We prove that an arbitrary l-equivariant exterior wave map with finite energy scatters to the unique harmonic map in its degree class, i.e., soliton resolution. This resolves a conjecture of Bizoń, Chmaj and Maliborski, who observed this asymptotic behavior numerically.

This talk is based on joint works with Carlos Kenig, Andrew Lawrie and Wilhelm Schlag.


时间: 2017年10月17日 10:15--12:15




邀请人:陈学长  老师