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题目: Weak type (1,1) for a normal Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup


报告人: Peter Sjogren, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


摘要:The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator in R n is linear and elliptic with constant second-order coefficients. But the firstorder coefficients are linear in the coordinates and such that they cause a drift inwards. This operator generates a semigroup, and we study the corresponding maximal operator. The relevant measure here is a gaussian measure, which replaces Lebesgue measure. Assuming only that the semigroup is normal, i.e., commutes with its adjoint, we prove that the maximal operator is of weak type (1,1) for the gaussian measure. This extends earlier results by several authors. The first step in the proof is a transformation of variables which gives the semigroup a reasonable, explicit expression.


时间:16:30-17:30, Friday, Oct. 20


地点: Room 1105, Mengminwei Building


邀请人:孙永忠 老师