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题目: Structure of noncollapsing Ricci limit spaces




摘要: Let (M_i^n,g_i,p_i) \to (X,d,p) satisfy Ric>= -(n-1) and Vol(B_1(p_i))>v>0. From Cheeger-Colding theory, for each integer k<n, we know that the stratification S^k={ x\in X: no tangent cone at x splits an R^{k+1} factor }  has dimension =<k. In this talk, we will show that S^k is k-rectifiable. We will also discuss the quantitative measure estimate of S^k and some applications.   This is joint work with J.Cheeger and A. Naber.


时间: 2017年10月24日 上午10:15–12:15




邀请人:许奕彦 老师