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报告题目: Image Retinex Via Total Variation-Type-Based Model

报告人: 庞志峰  河南大学数学与统计学院教授


摘要: Retinex theory deals with compensation for illumination effects in Retinex illusions, medical image intensity inhomogeneity and color image shadow effect etc. Such ill posed problem has been studied by researchers for decades. However, most exiting methods paid little attention to the noises contained in the images and lost effectiveness when the noises increase. The main aim of this paper is to present a general Retinex model to effectively and robustly restore images simultaneously corrupted by intensity inhomogeneity and noises. We propose a variational model based on a new image decomposition model, which models a given image as a combination of reflection, illumination and noises. The existence of the minimizers of our main model is shown. Furthermore, we design a fast and efficient alternating minimization algorithm for the proposed model, where all subproblems have the closed-form solutions. Applications of the algorithm to various gray images and color images with noises of different distributions yield promising results.

时间: 2017年10月26日 14:00-16:00


地点: 南大仙林校区逸夫楼 C-502


报告人简介:庞志峰,博士, 河南大学数学与统计学院教授。主要研究图像处理和机器学习中的数学理论与数值算法。现主持国家自然科学基金1项, 参与国家自然科学基金2项, 国家973项目1项, 发表相关学术论文22篇.


邀请人:杨俊峰 老师