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题目:An upper bound for the bipartite Ramsey number of cycles


报告人:彭岳建 教授(湖南大学)


时间:  2017.11.17, 8:00-10:00


地点:  数学系西大楼210


摘要:Given a positive integer k and bipartite graphs G1,G2, ..., Gk, the bipartite Ramsey number brk(G1,G2,…,Gk) is the smallest integer N such that for any k-coloring of the edges of the complete bipartite graph KN,N , there exists i, 1 ≤ ik such that all the edges of Gi are colored by the i-th color. We give an upper bound on brk(C2n, C2n, …, C2n).


邀请人:陈耀俊 老师