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题目 Average degrees of edge-chromatic critical graphs


报告人:刘慧清 教授(湖北大学)


时间:2017.11.17, 14:00-16:00




摘要:Given a graph G, denote by ,  and the maximum degree, the average degree and the chromatic index of G, respectively. A simple graph G is called edge-∆-critical if  and  for every proper subgraph H of G. Vizing in 1968 conjectured that if G is edge-∆-critical, then  In this talk, we show a result that improving the best known bound 2(∆+2)/3 obtained by Woodall in 2007 for ∆ ≥ 56. Additionally, Woodall constructed an infinite family of graphs showing his result cannot be improved by well-known Vizing’s Adjacency Lemma and other known edge-coloring techniques. To overcome the barrier, we follow the recoloring technique of Tashkinov trees to expand Vizing fans technique to a larger class of trees.


邀请人:陈耀俊 老师