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题目: Steady Ricci solitons with positive curvature

报告人:朱小华    教授(北京大学)


摘要: I will talk about our recent results related to the rigidity of Steady Ricci solitons in higher dimension. We prove that any noncompact $\kappa$-
noncollapsed steady Ricci soliton with nonnegative curvature operator and positive Ricci curvature must be rotationally symmetric if it has a linear curvature decay. If a $\kappa$-noncollapsed steady Ricci soliton is Kaehler with nonnegative bisectional curvature, then it is flat.


时间: 2017年11月21日 上午10:15–12:15



邀请人:许奕彦 老师