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题  目:Analysis of non-negative solutions to equations with fractional Laplacian


报告人:Prof. Congming LI


单  位:University of Colorado at Boulder, USA


摘  要: We give a brief introduction on nonlinear equations with fractional Laplacian and present some recent work on the study of nonnegative solutions to nonlinear equations with fractional Laplacian. We focus on Liouville type theorem, the symmetry and monotonicity of solutions. The main tools are some forms of maximum principles. We also present some Bocher type theorems. These Bocher type theorems are used to derive maximum principles on a punctured ball.


时  间:2017年12月22日(周五)下午4:10


地  点:数学系一楼报告厅


邀请人:  杨孝平 老师