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 题   目:Convergence of the Yamabe flow on manifolds with minimal boundary


报告人:孙黎明(The Johns Hopkins University)


摘   要: Analogous to the Yamabe problem, a very natural question on a compact manifold with boundary is deforming Riemannian metrics to conformal ones with constant scalar curvature and  minimal boundary. We study the Yamabe flow on compact Riemannian manifolds of dimensions greater than two with minimal boundary. Convergence to a metric with constant scalar curvature and minimal boundary is established in dimensions up to seven, and in any dimensions if the manifold is spin.

This is joint work with Sergio Almaraz.


时   间: 2018年1月2日 10:15--12:15


地   点:蒙民伟楼1105室


邀请人: 陈学长  老师