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 题目:Hypocoercivity Based Sensitivity Analysis for Multiscale Kinetic Equations with Random Inputs and their numerical approximations


报告人:Shi Jin Vilas   Distinguished Achievement Professor

 University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA &  Shanghai Jiao Tong University


摘要:Kinetic equations contain uncertainties in its collisional kernel, initial or boundary data, source or forcing terms, etc. due to modeling and measurement errors. The uncertainties are modeled by random inputs. We extend the hypocoercivity theory, developed for deterministic kinetic equations, to the random case, and establish in the random space regularity, long-time sensitivity , and uniform (in Knudsen number) spectral convergence of the stochastic Galerkin methods, for general lienar and nonlinear random kinetic equations in various asymptotic--including the duffusion, incompressible Navier-Stokes, high-field, and acoustic-- regimes.


时间: 2018年1月18日 (星期四)上午10:00


地点: 南京大学数学系(西大楼)108室


邀请人:戴万阳 老师