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题目:On recent results of polarized endomorphisms


报告人:Sheng MENG   国立新加坡大学


时间:  3月5日下午16:00 




摘要:Let X be a normal projective variety over an algebraically closed field k of characteristic 0. We consider a polarized endomorphism f of X, that is f^*L =qL  for some ample Cartier divisor L and q>1.In this talk, we’ll first give a rough characterization of X related to its singularities, canonical divisor, MRC fibration and Albanese map, etc. We’ll then show that one can run the minimal model program (MMP) f-equivariantly, after replacing f by a positive power, for a mildly singular X.Some applications will also be mentioned including the characterizations of log Calabi-Yau  and toric varieties.


邀请人:秦厚荣 老师