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题目:Differential equations, (quasi-)Hopf algebras and Frobenius manifolds


报告人: Dr. Xiaomeng Xu   Department of Mathematics, MIT


摘要:This minicourse will include a general introduction to differential equations with singularities, and its relation with symplectic geometry, representation theory and 2d topologicial field theory. In particular, we will focus on the Stokes phenomenon of linear systems of ordinary differential equations, and construct the braiding of Drinfeld-Jimbo quantum groups as quantum Stokes matrices. We then study the isomonodromic deformation of Knizhnik–Zamolodchikov equations, and relate its classical limit to the theory of Frobenius manifolds. 

Lecture 1. Differential equations with singularities.  
Lecture 2. Monodromy construction of (quasi-)Hopf algebras and braidings.
Lecture 3. Relation between Frobenius manifolds and quantum groups .


时间:  2018.03.13 (Tue.)  14:30-16:30

          2018.03.15  ( Thu. )   14:30-16:30


地点:West Building, 308

邀请人:刘公祥 老师