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Title: Asymptotic limit for rotational compressible magnetohydrodynamic flows


Speaker: Cheng-Fang Su, National Central University, Taiwan


Abstract: In this talk we consider the compressible models of magnetohydrodynamic flows giving rise to a variety of mathematical problems in many areas. First, we introduce the background and some previous results about this problem. Second, we will explain the asymptotic limit for the compressible rotational magnetohydrodynamic flows with the well-prepared initial data such that a rigorous quasi-geostrophic equation with diffusion term governed by the magnetic field from a compressible rotational magnetohydrodynamic flows is derived. Finally, we show the two results: the existence of the unique global strong solution of quasi-geostrophic equation with good regularity on the velocity and magnetic field and the derivation of quasi-geostrophic equation with diffusion.


Time: 16:40-17:40, Friday, March 16


Place: Lecture Room 1105, Mengminwei Building


邀请人:孙永忠 老师