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Title:  Well-posedness of the Muskat problem with H^2 initial data


Speaker: Cheng, C. H. Arthur, National Central University, Taiwan


Abstract: We study the dynamics of the interface between two incompressible fluids in a two-dimensional porous medium whose flow is modeled by the Muskat equations. For the two-phase Muskat problem, we establish global well-posedness and decay to equilibrium for small H2 perturbations of the rest state. For the one-phase Muskat problem, we prove local well-posedness for H2 initial data of arbitrary size. Finally, we show that solutions to the Muskat equations instantaneously become infinitely smooth.


Time: 16:00-17:30, Wednesday, March 21


Place: Lecture Room 1105, Mengminwei Building


邀请人:孙永忠 老师