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题   目:   Characteristic class and the epsilon factor of a constructible \'etale sheaf


报告人: 阳恩林   博士   (德国Regensburg大学)


摘   要:  In this talk, we will firstly recall the definitions and the properties of singular support and characteristic cycle of a constructible \'etale sheaf on a smooth variety. The singular support, defined by Beilinson, is a closed conical subset of the cotangent bundle.The characteristic cycle, constructed by Saito, is a $\mathbb Z$-linear combination of irreducible components of the singular support.This theory is an algebraic analogue of that studied by Kashiwara and Schapira in a transcendental setting.


In the second part of this talk we will focus on the  joint work with Umezaki.We prove a conjecture of Kato-Saito on a twist formula for the epsilon factor of a constructible \'etale sheaf on a projective smooth variety over a finite field.  In our proof, Beilinson and Saito's theory plays an essential role.


时    间:4月2日 下午7:00


地    点:西大楼308报告厅


邀请人: 秦厚荣   老师