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  目: Inverse problem for anisotropic elasticity system


报告人:Professor Gen Nakamura    日本北海道大学


  要:As a mathematical model for vibroseis exploration technique in reflection seismology, we study the uniqueness of recovering piecewise analytic density and stiffness tensors of a three-dimensional domain from the local dynamical Neumann-to-Dirichlet map. We give global uniqueness results if the medium is transversely isotropic with known axis of symmetry or orthorhombic with known symmetry planes on each subdomain. We also obtain uniqueness of a fully anisotropic stiffness tensor, assuming that it is piecewise constant and that the interfaces which separate the subdomains have curved portions. The domain partition need not to be known. More precisely, we show that a domain partition consisting of subanalytic sets is simultaneously uniquely determined.






邀请人:栗付才  老师