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  目: Well-posedness in Gevrey function space for the Prandtl equations


报告人:李维喜   教授  武汉大学


摘  要:  In this talk, we consider the three-dimensional Prandtl equations, and prove that if one component of the tangential velocity field satisfies the monotonicity assumption in the normal direction, then the system is locally well-posed in the Gevrey function space with Gevrey index in ]1, 2]. The proof relies on some new cancellation mechanism in the system in addition to those observed in the two-dimensional setting.  Joint work with Tong Yang.


  间:  2018年5月7日(周一) 16:00-17:00


  点: 蒙民伟楼1105室


邀请人: 栗付才  老师