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  目:Zeta-instantons and Morse-Floer type homology


报告人:赫海龙   教授 (暨南大学)


  : 2018年5月24日 下午16:00


  : 西大楼 308 报告厅


  要:The Morse theory provides an insight on the relationship between the topology of a Riemannian manifold and the information of critical points. It was explained by E. Witten as a theory of the computation of ground states in supersymmetric quantum mechanics. For a symplectic manifold X with a compatible almost complex structure and a superpotential W: X→C, physicists introduce a Landau-Ginzburg model, which also can be studied as supersymmetric quantum mechanics. For any two critical points x and y of W and a specific phase ζ, one can obtain the ζ-solitons and the associated ζ-instantons. We will talk about relevant properties of the moduli space of ζ-instantons and give a construction of homology of Morse-Floer type. 


邀请人:王奕倩 老师