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  目:Orbital Stability for A Class of Dispersive Equations


报告人:Prof. Zheng Shijun(Geogia Southern University)


  要:I will review the recent progress on the orbital stability and instability for some physical models arising in relativistic superfluids and boson stars.  These models include fractional and magnetic nonlinear Schroedinger equations with a harmonic potential,  where the Strichartz type estimates for the fundamental solution might have a loss of derivative.  

Such systems may exhibit interesting symmetries as well as solitary wave phenomenon, accompanied by spinor and quantized vortex, a remarkable signature for the superfluidity of Bose-Einstein condensation. The earliest related result traces back to Feynman's work on path integrals.The rigorous mathematical descriptions will involve the threshold for the global existence and blowup rate as well as orbital and asymptotic stability.


  : 2018年5月28日 15:00--16:00




邀请人:邱华 老师