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  目: Two-fluid incompressible Navier-Stokes-Maxwell system with Ohm's law limit from Vlasov-Maxwell-Boltzmann system


报告人:江宁  教授  (武汉大学)


  : 2018年6月6日(周三)  16:00-17:00




  要: We prove a global-in-time classical solution limit from the two-species Vlasov-Maxwell-Boltzmann system to the two-fluid incompressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier-Maxwell system with solenoidal Ohm's law. Besides the techniques developed for the classical solutions to the Vlasov-Maxwell-Boltzmann equations in the past years, such as the nonlinear energy method and micro-macro decomposition are employed, key roles are played by the decay properties of both the electric field and the wave equation with linear damping of the divergence free magnetic field. This work is a collaboration with Yi-Long Luo and Teng-fei Zhang.


 邀请人:栗付才 老师