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  目: Degenerate Reaction-Diffusion Systems


报告人: 冯兆生 (School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg, Texas)


  :  2018年6月11日 下午14:30-16:30


  : 蒙民伟楼 1105



  要:In this talk, we study the case that some species migrate from densely populated areas into sparsely populated areas to avoid crowding, and investigate a more general reaction-diffusion system by considering density-dependent dispersion as a regulatory mechanism of the cyclic changes. Here the probability that an animal moves from the point x1 to x2 depends on the density at x1. Under certain conditions, we apply the higher terms in the Taylor series and the center manifold method to obtain the local behavior around a non-hyperbolic point of codimension one in the phase plane, and use the Lie symmetry reduction method and the Abelian operator to explore bounded traveling wave solutions. Numerical simulation and biological explanation are presented.


邀请人: 王奕倩 老师