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  目: Influence of the vacuum electric field on the well-posedness of the plasma-vacuum interface problem


报告人:Yuri Trakhinin (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics)


  要:We dicsuss the well-posedness of  the plasma-vacuum interface problem in ideal compressible and incompressible magnetohydrodynamics. Unlike the classical statement, we do not neglect the displacement current in the vacuum region and consider the Maxwell equations for electric and magnetic fields. We show that a sufficiently large vacuum electric field makes the planar interface violently unstable. Moreover, for the technically simpler case of incompressible plasma one can show that as soon as the unperturbed plasma and vacuum magnetic fields are collinear on the interface, then the planar interface is always violently unstable for any non-zero and even very small vacuum electric field. We also discuss the proof of the well-posedness of the problem under a sufficient condition on the vacuum electric field precluding violent instabilities.


  间:   2018年6月13日  16:00-17:00


  点: 蒙民伟楼1105室


邀请人: 孙永忠 老师