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  : The Weak Bounded Negativity Conjecture


报告人:郝峰 博士   美国普渡大学


  间:2018年6月15日 9:30-10:30




  :In this talk, I will explain the Weak Bounded Negativity Conjecture and give a proof of it.The Weak Bounded Negativity Conjecture is motivated by the old folklore Bounded Negativity conjecture, which says that given any complex smooth projective surface, the set of self-intersection numbers of integral curves is bounded from below. Also, the Bounded Negativity Conjecture has some interesting relations with the Demailly's question on positivity of local Sheshadri constant, and Nagata conjecture. I will introduce those background before the proof. Also, I will give some further thoughts and propose some questions toward the Bounded Negativity Conjecture based on studying fundamental groups, if time permits.


邀请人:秦理真 老师