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题  目: Global Hopf Bifurcation in a Compartmental Model With Delays for Tick Population


报告人:范桂红  教授(Columbus State University)


时  间:2018年6月19日  16:30-17:30


地  点:蒙民伟楼1105报告厅


摘  要:Transmitted by ticks,Lyme disease is an emerging infectious disease which can cause severe problems for human health.

The reproduction and development of ticks are closely related to the environmental factors, in particularly the daily temperature. In this talk,

we study a three-stage population model for ticks with three delays to reflect the impact of average daily temperature on the developmental stages.

This is a joint work with Prof. Huaiping Zhu and Prof. Horst Thieme.


邀请人:耿建生 老师