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题  目:Aubry-Mather and weak KAM theories for contact Hamiltonian systems


报告人: 严军 教授  ( 复旦大学)


摘  要:In this talk, we study Aubry-Mather theory and weak KAM theory for contact Hamiltonian systems with the Hamiltonian strictly increasing in the u argument. First, we study the existence of backward and forward weak KAM solutions of the stationary Hamilton-Jacobi equation. Next, we analyze the Aubry set for the contact Hamiltonian systems. At last, we discuss the large-time behavior of viscosity solutions of Cauchy problem, when the Hamiltonians is strictly decreasing in the u argument.


时  间:  2018年6月18日(星期一)16:00–17:00


地  点:  蒙民伟楼1105报告厅


邀请人:程伟  老师