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题  目:Vanishing contact structure problem and convergence of the viscosity solutions


报告人:Qinbo Chen 陈秦波 (Morningside center, CAS)


摘  要:In this talk, we will study the vanishing contact structure problem which is a generalization of the vanishing discounted problem. Let uε be the viscosity solution of H(x,εu(x),Du(x))=c where c is the Mañé's critical value of the classical Hamiltonian H(x,0,p). We will discuss asε→0, whether or not the limit of uε  exists and is unique, if it does, what the characterization of this limit is. Our main approaches are based on Herglotz' generalized variational principle and Aubry-Mather theory.


时  间:  2018年6月21日(星期四)16:00–17:00


地  点:  蒙民伟楼1105


邀请人: 程伟  老师