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题  目:Exterior Bernstein and Bernstein problems for Hessian equations


报告人:Prof. Yu Yuan


摘   要: We survey some new and old uniqueness results for Hessian equations such as special Lagrangian equations, Monge-Ampere equations, and symmetric Hessian equations. In particular, a unified approach to quadratic asymptote of solutions over exterior domains--based on an "exterior" Evans-Krylov, corresponding to Allard-Almgren's uniqueness of tangent cones in minimal surface situation--will be presented (joint with D.S. Li and Zh.S. Li). Special Lagrangian and Monge-Ampere equations are the potential equations for minimal and maximal "gradient" graphs in Euclid and pseudo-Euclid spaces respectively.


单  位:University of Washington


时  间:2018年7月3日(周二)下午4点


地  点:数学系一楼报告厅