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题  目: The anisotropic structure of Navier-Stokes equations. I


报告人:刘彦麟 中国科学院数学研究所


摘  要: I will first introduce the anisotropic structure of Navier-Stokes equations developed by Prof. J.-Y. Chemin, Ping Zhang  and some other mathematicians.Then I will use it to obtain the global well-posedness of $3$-D Navier-Stokes equations provided initially $\partial_3 u_0$ is sufficiently small. I will also give some blow-up criteria in the scaling invariant spaces concerning only one component of the velocity, and generalize it to the MHD system.


时  间: 2018年9月4日 15:00-17:00


地  点:西大楼308报告厅


邀请人:吕勇 老师