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题  目:The Neumann problem for fully nonlinear elliptic equations on Riemannian Manifolds


报 告 人:向  妮  教授    湖北大学数学学院


时  间:2018年9月26日(周三)下午3:30


地  点:数学系一楼108报告厅


摘  要: Fully nonlinear partial differential equations play important roles in geometric problems, such as curvature equations in classical geometry and the Yamabe problems on manifolds. A key to understand these equations is to establish a priori estimates for these equations. The Dirichlet problems have received much attention. In this talk we report some recent results joint with Professor Guan Bo for the Neumann problem of fully nonlinear elliptic equations on Riemannian manifolds. We try to delete the structural condition for the Neumann boundary in deriving estimates for second derivatives. And we use a priori estimates and blow-up methods to derive the gradient estimates.


邀 请 人:杨孝平  老师