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题  目:Free interface problems with underlying second-order Stefan condition


报 告 人:Claude-Michel Brauner,


School of Mathematical Sciences USTC, Hefei 230026, China & Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux University of Bordeaux, 33405 Talence, France


摘  要:In this talk, we consider free interface problems that do not fall within the class of Stefan problems, as there is no specific condition on the velocity of the interface. At least near some equilibrium, we are able to associate the velocity of the free interface to a combination of spatial derivatives up to the second order, that is a second-order Stefan condition. Then, we may reformulate the system as a fully nonlinear problem, for which it holds local existence in time and uniqueness. Likewise, one can address stabilities issues.


时  间: 2018年9月27日  15:00-17:00


地  点: 西大楼108


邀 请 人:吕勇  老师