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题目:Long time behavior on the motion of a rigid body with a cavity filled with compressible viscous fluid


报告人:Sarka Necasova,Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences


摘要: We study the motion of the system, S, constituted by a rigid body, B, containing in its interior a viscous compressible fluid, and moving in absence of external forces. Our main objective is to characterize the long time behavior of the coupled system body-fluid. Under suitable assumptions on the “mass distribution” of S, and for sufficiently “small” Mach number and initial data, we show that every corresponding motion (in a suitable regularity class) must tend to a steady state where the fluid is at rest with respect to B. Moreover, S, as a whole, performs a uniform rotation around an axis parallel to the (constant) angular momentum of S, and passing through its center of mass. It is a joint work with G. P. Galdi and V. Macha.


时间:10月25日 14:30-15:30




邀请人:吕勇  老师