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题目:GPU Accelerated High-order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Flow on a Sphere




时间: 2018年11月2日 周五下午3:00—4:00


地点: 西大楼308报告厅


摘要:In this talk I will discuss an approach for modeling viscous weakly compressible gas dynamics on the sphere using a Boltzmann kinetic model with Galerkin discretization in velocity space [1], nodal discontinuous Galerkin discretization in physical space [2], and either special semi-analytic adaptive Runge-Kutta or multi-rate semi-analytic linear multistep time integrators [3] to control grid and relaxation induced stiffness. I will also discuss initial progress on constructing a co-volume mesh based filter to further improve the time step restriction for high-order spatial discretizations [4]. 


Finally, I will highlight the steps we took to optimize these methods for GPU accelerated systems and report performance characteristics of our highly tuned implementations.


This work was performed in collaboration with Ali Karakus, Noel Chalmers, Kasia Swirydowicz, and Jan Hesthaven.


[1] Tölke, Krafczyk,  Schulz, and Rank, Discretization of the Boltzmann equation in velocity space using a Galerkin approach, 2000.

[2] Hesthaven, and Warburton, Nodal discontinuous Galerkin methods: algorithms, analysis, and applications, 2007.

[3] Karakus, Chalmers, Hesthaven, and Warburton, Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations of the Boltzmann Equations in 2D: semi-analytic time stepping and absorbing boundary layers, 2018.

[4] Warburton, and Hagstrom,  Taming the CFL number for discontinuous Galerkin methods on structured meshes, 2008.




Tim Warburton is a Professor of Mathematics and currently holds the John K. Costain Faculty Chair in the College of Science at Virginia Tech.


His research interests include developing numerical methods for solving PDEs and optimizing their performance on accelerators and clusters.


邀请人:徐勤武 老师