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  目: Invariant Submanifolds of Kahler Manifold


报告人:孙俊 副教授(武汉大学)


  : This talk consists of two parts related to the invariant submanifold of Kahler manifold. The first part is about the variational characterizations of holomorphic submanifolds in Kahler manifold. This is based on joint work with Claudio Arezzo at ICTP. We will also mention recent progess on variational characterizations of invariant submanifold in Sasaki manifold. The second part is about two approaches to the existence of holomorphic curves in Kahler surface. One is the symplectic mean curvature flow and the other is the deformation of symplectic critical surfaces. This is based on joint work with Xiaoli Han and Jiayu Li.


  间:2018年12月7日 10:00-12:00




邀请人:吕勇 老师