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题目:On identifying magnetized anomalies using geomagnetic monitoring


报告人:邓又军 教授(中南大学)


摘要:We propose and investigate the inverse problem of identifying magnetized anomalies beneath the Earth using the geomagnetic monitoring. Suppose a collection of magnetized anomalies presented in the shell of the Earth. The presence of the anomalies interrupts the magnetic field of the Earth, monitored above the Earth. Using the difference of the magnetic fields before and after the presence of the magnetized anomalies, we show that one can uniquely recover the locations as well as their material parameters of the anomalies. Our study provides a rigorous mathematical theory to the geomagnetic detection technology that has been used in practice.


时间:2018年12月13日  16:00-17:00




邀请人:吕勇 老师