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题  目:Gradient shrinking Ricci solitons of half harmonic Weyl curvature




摘  要: Gradient Ricci solitons are natural generalizations of Einstein manifolds, and they play important roles in the study of the Ricci flow. In this talk I will talk about the classification of radient shrinking Ricci solitons with half harmonic Weyl curvature. The basic idea of the proof, which is motivated by the study of Einstein four-manifolds, is to construct a weighted subharmonic harmonic function using the Weitzenbock formula for the half Weyl curvature and apply a weighted maximum principle. This is joint work with Jia-Yong Wu and William Wylie.


时  间:2018年12月21日  10:00-12:00


地  点:蒙民伟楼1105室


邀请人:陈学长 老师