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题目:Hydrostatic Helmholtz Decomposition and Its Application to 3D Primitive Equations


报告人:Prof. Ning Ju, Oklahoma State University


摘要:The classic Helmholtz-Hodge decomposition is one of the most important and fundamental mathematical tools.  It has ever since found extensive and critical applications in fluid mechanics, electromegnatics, etc and in algebraic geometry as well.  In this talk, I will present a variant of Helmholtz decomposition, the so called hydrostatic Helmholtz decomposition which was introduced in my recent work,  for two dimensional vector field defined in a bounded 3D cylindrical spatial domain with boundary conditions of important geophysical background.  This decomposition takes into particular consideration the analysis of hydrostatic fluid mechanics.  Some of the foundational results of this decomposition will be presented and discussed. If time permits, its application to the 3D Primitive equations for ocean dynamics will be presented as well.


时间:2019年4月3日 15:00-16:00




邀请人:吕勇  老师