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题目:Modular invariants for proper actions


 报告人: 韩飞  (National University of Singapore)


摘要:In this talk, we will present our work on open Lie group actions on open manifolds. Witten genus and elliptic genera are modular topological invariants for manifolds, which are closely related to representation of loop groups and the hypothetical index theory on free loop space as well as the elliptic cohomology theory in algebraic topology. They find applications in problems of positive curvature and group actions on manifolds. In this talk, we will briefly introduce these invariants and present our joint work with Varghese Mathai on generalizing them to open manifolds with proper actions of open Lie groups.


时间:2019年4月18日  15:00-17:00




邀请人:陈学长 老师