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题目:Homogeneous Finsler spaces with positive flag curvature


报告人: 邓少强  教授  ( 南开大学 )


摘要: In this talk, we will present our recent results on the  classification of homogeneous Finsler spaces with positive flag curvature. In particular, we give the complete lists of homogeneous Randers spaces with isotropic S-curvature and positive flag curvature. In the even-dimensional case, we are able to give a complete list of homogeneous Finsler spaces which admit invariant Finsler metrics with positive flag curvature. However, in the odd-dimensional case, we only get some partial results.


时间:  2019年4月19日 16:00


地点:  西大楼308报告厅


邀请人:朱富海 老师