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题目:Existence of weak solutions to some simple models of mixtures of non interacting compressible fluids


报告人:Prof. Antonin Novotny,IMATH et Département Mathématiques, Université de Toulon


摘要:We shall consider two types of simple bi-fluid models for compressible fluids: with algebraic and with differential closure. We will show existence of weak solutions to the corresponding system of equations. The proofs are  based on the adaptation of Feireisl-Lions  approach to the compressible Navier-Stokes equations, on the almost compactness of the ratio of the partial densities (observed for the first time by Vasseur) and on the almost uniqueness  to weak solutions to the pure transport equation. Both latter tools will be investigated in more details.


时间: 2019年4月29日 16:00-18:00   




邀请人:吕勇  老师