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题目:Furstenberg -Sarkozy theorem and its generalizations


报告人: Prof. Vitaly Bergelson     

(Department of Mathematics, Ohio State University, USA)


摘要:Furstenberg-Sarkozy theorem states that if p(n) is a polynomial with integer coefficients such that p(0) = 0, then for any set E of positive upper density in N = {1,2,...} there are many solutions to the equation x-y = p(n) where x and y are in E and n is in N. We will discuss various proofs of this theorem and its generalizations such as the Bergelson-Leibman's polynomial Szemeredi theorem. 


时间:2019年5月10日(星期五) 下午 16:00-17:00


地点: 数学系西大楼108报告厅


邀请人:孙智伟  老师