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题目:New Minkowski type formulas for free boundary hypersurfaces in balls and applications

报告人: 夏超(厦门大学)

摘要: In this talk, we will present a class of new Minkowski formulas for free boundary hypersurfaces, or more generally capillary hypersurfaces, in balls.

Several applications will be given. First, we use it to classify all stable capillary hypersurfaces in balls to be umbilical ones. Second, we use the free boundary version to prove an Alexandrov type theorem for embedded free boundary CMC hypersurfaces in half balls. Third, we define a class of locally constraint inverse type curvature flows and show a family of Alexandrov-Fenchel’s inequalities for free boundary hypersurfaces in balls. The talk based on joint works with Guofang Wang and Julian Scheuer.

时间:  2019531  10:00 -- 12:00