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题目:Local Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Coupled BBM-BBM Dispersive Wave  System 

报告人:邢雨龙 教授(美国州立大学)

摘要:Nonlinear, dispersive wave equations arise in a number of important application areas. The coupled  BBM-BBM  system  describes  the  small-amplitude  long  waves  on the  surface of  water  in a  channel.  In  this  talk,  we  present  high  order  local  discontinuous  Galerkin  methods  with both conservative and dissipative numerical fluxes to solve the coupled BBM-BBM system, combined with both explicit Runge-Kutta and implicit midpoint energy-conserving time discretization. The proposed full-discrete method can be shown to conserve or dissipate the discrete  version  of  the  Hamiltonian  of  the  continuous  solution.  The  error  estimate  with optimal order of convergence is provided for the semi-discrete method. A series of numerical experiments are provided to establish accuracy and stability of the method, including generation  of  soliton  waves  and  head  on  collisions  of  solitary  waves. 

时间:2019 6 13 日下午 15:00

地点:西大楼 210