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题目:Some Energy Estimates for Stable Solutions to Nonlocal Allen Cahn Equations

报告人:Dr. Qinfeng Li

摘要:In this work, we study the fractional Allen-Cahn equation

\begin{align}(-\Delta)^s u=f(u), \quad |u|<1 \quad \mbox{in \mathbb{R}^d},\end{align}

where $s \in (0,1)$. We obtain sharp energy estimates for stable solutions when 0<s<1/2 and rough estimates when 1/2 \le s <1. These lead to a different proof from literature of the fact that when d=2,0<s<1, entire stable solutions to the fractional Allen Cahn equation are 1-D solutions. This is a joint work with Professor Changfeng Gui.

时  间:2019年6月20日(周四)下午4点30分

地  点:西大楼210室

邀请人:杨孝平 老师